Friday, May 19, 2017

IDE4 Z2 - A 4 unit IDE controller for Amiga 2000

IDE4 Z2 is a Gayle compatible 4 unit IDE controller, designed for Amiga 2000. It supports 4 IDE devices on two ports (primary and secondary). Without any additional driver the primary port is active (Kickstart 2.05+ is required with scsi.device). IDEfix driver is required to enable the second port or to use a CD / DVD device (as the default scsi.device in ROM doesn't support it).

CF master / slave mode is selectable via a jumper. Connector for IDE activity LED is also available. The controller is RDB compatible: HDToolBox and HDInstTools can be used for disk partitioning.

Compatibility list, tested hardware in an Amiga 2000:
Accelerator cards
Blizzard 2040 ok
Blizzard 2060 ok
GVP G-Force 030 (Impact A2000-030 Combo Series II) ok
GVP TekMagic 2060 ok
Commodore A2620 ok
Commodore A2630 ok
Apollo 2030 conflict

Graphics cards
Village Tronic Picasso II ok
MNT VA2000 ok

Sound cards
Sunrize Indrusties AD516 sound card ok

HDD controllers
GVP Impact A2000HC SCSI controller ok
Commodore A2090A SCSI controller conflict
BSC Tandem IDE card ok

Network cards
A2065 Ethernet interface ok
X-Surf Ethernet interface ok
X-Surf 100 Ethernet interface

RAM cards
Commodore A2058 2, 4, 8 MB ok

Other cards
BSC / Alfa Data MultiFaceCard 3 parallel port  ok
Commodore A2088T PC emulatorok
RapidRoad USB controllerok

For orders please contact me in private message.


  1. Hi really cool project! - what speeds / transfer rates do we get out of this? Does it go close to Z2 max speeds ~3.5MB/s?

  2. The read rate with 68020 @14 MHz CPU card is 2 MB/sec.

  3. Really nice work, it should be compatible too with Tekmagik 040.

    Also is possible to do a version here scsi.device can have other name, to work with Vampire 500 V2+ ?


  4. No, it is designed for A2000.

  5. Dear Martin,

    please contact me in private message for shipping details.

  6. I've received mine and i'm using it now. Works perfectly, thanks for making this. legend!

  7. What CF cards work with this, I have tried a couple that I had and they did not work.

  8. Any CF card should work without a problem. For technical support please contact me in PM.

  9. Hello,
    I've tested your board with a Fusion Forty 040 and that combo doesn't work. The scsi.device from kickstart doesn't survive the FastKick process of the 040 board, loading manually afterwards from floppy works. Disabling FastKick makes it work but loses fastram and speed..

  10. Hi, I would be very interested in these possibly as many as three depending on price.

  11. Please contact me in P.M. You can find the contact form on the right side of this page.