Thursday, May 7, 2015

CFRAM 500 rev. 2 - Homebrew IDE / RAM card for Amiga 500

CFRAM 500 rev. 2 expander card for Amiga 500.

It has the same functionality as rev. 1. An extra feature is the NMI button to support freezers, like HRTMon etc.

The PCB is hand routed for better quality and more compact size. It is home made as always ;)

Full feature list:
  • 8 MB Fast RAM (one 72 pin SIMM module)
  • IDE connector (HDD and ATA CD ROM  support)
  • Master / slave jumper
  • Integrated CF card slot
  • Flashable Kickstart ROM, with enable / disable jumper
  • NMI button (support for various software freezers, like HRTMon etc.).