Thursday, April 30, 2015

ECS scandoubler for A500 / A2000

A homebrew scandoubler project. It is bug free, supports DPMS energy saving and PAL / NTSC screenmodes. It fits into A500 and A2000 perfectly.

The logic is realized with a Xilinx XC95144XL CPLD. The video DAC is a ADV101 from Analog Devices.

On the pictures below You can see how the rev. 3 is fitting in an Amiga 500.

And the rev 4. in Amiga 2000. Needless to say, both prototypes are working properly.

Rev. 4 PCB preview
More pictures


  1. Excellent !!!
    I congratulate !!!. You are a genius.

  2. Hi,
    Nice update!, A2000 ;)

  3. Great! Can I preorder A2000 version somewhere?

  4. No preorders are accepted as the scandoubler is not ready for production yet.

  5. Awesome man. I'm really jealous of your success. Your projects here are really fantastic. I've got more ideas than I have time, but that's no excuse!

    Keep up the great work. Love the pictures, would love some more of the technical details, code, or even pseudo-code/algorithms. For instance, can you spell out in detail how the scandoubler works? How do you decide when to sample denise? Do you use some triggers to reset a counter, and then count so much time until the line trigger? Do you use a line buffer, and process a line at a time?

    -Your fellow amiga project friend
    Keith @