Tuesday, April 25, 2017

ScanPlus AGA

Simple scandoubler with analog VGA output, designed for CRT VGA monitors. Compatible with A1200 and 4000D.

Fits to the Lisa and Alice chips. All screen modes are available on the VGA connector (Multiscan, PAL, NTSC, DoublePAL, DoubleNTSC, Euro36, Euro72, Super72). Smooth 50-60 Hz scroll and 24 bit color depth for a real Amiga feel. It comes with a simple DPMS screensaver utility.

Few assembled units


  1. Hey that's cool - will it work with CD32?

  2. This is going to be a bit of a dumb question but I simply don't know that's why I'm asking ... why CRT specifically would it not work with a VGA LCD? or would it just look off somehow?

  3. Only few LCD monitors accept 50 Hz VSYNC signal. If You are lucky and your monitor supports it, there is another problem: the Amiga's screen resolution differs from the native resolution of the LCD panel. The scaler will generate noisy picture with poor colors.

    With an OCS/ECS/AGA Amiga a CRT VGA monitor has 10x better picture then any LCD panel.